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Quickies on Gators Road to Elite Eight

Brewer Time: "You can now make the argument - even after an ugly win - that this may be the best team in Florida history. I know, the 2000 team make the national title game and the 1994 team went to the Final Four. This team still needs another win to get to Indianapolis. But neither of those teams reached the magical mark of 30 wins. No Gator team ever had before. Neither of those teams had a resume that included an SEC Tournament title. And there has never been a more entertaining Gator team to watch. If you based it on style points and personalities, Florida would already be in the Final Four."

Elite Eight: "'I would like to thank Corey Brewer for saving my butt,' Noah said. "I missed a wide-open layup. At this time of year it comes down to a few possessions.' On this night, UF had the answers.'"

Grinder: "'It came right to me,' Brewer said. 'I really didn't see the guy behind me. I spun and just threw the ball up.'"

Putting it Together: " Florida can win the national championship next weekend, and not only because somebody has to win it. The Gators getting past Georgetown in the Sweet 16 round, 57-53, was about as macho as it gets, and thus completes the only spot left blank on the March Madness r?sum? of Billy Donovan's most balanced team."


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