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Billy Rumors Persist

Billy is not going to turn his back on the players he recruited, developed, and blended into what is called a "team". We have heard these rumors before. Billy flat out likes bing in Gainesville. He helped recruit Urban Meyer because he knew how special a place it is. He found this out first hand in 10 years with the program. He has shown you can build a power Hoops program anywhere in America. Sure, the Indiana Hoops program has an opening, and possibly Kentucky too.

With all this success it's possible that potential suitors could be wooing Billy to fix up their ailing program. That is what Florida Times Union columnist Mike Freeman believes. There's only one columnist I read in my weekly paper and it's his. I only wish I could write half as good as he does.
Billy will not leave for those jobs. Here he can do it his way and he does not have the extreme pressure that jobs like those involve. Had he had NCAA drought like he had at those schools up until this year, he would of been out of a job. Just look at the success Tubby has had at Kentucky, and after one off year and they seem to be ready to run a good coach like Smith out of town.

I don't know the columnist mentioned above that well. To me, it seems like he is trying to sell newspapers.