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Open Thread : Gators face Villanova in Elite 8

The Gators with a win tonight against Villanova, its quite possible the praise for what Billy Donavan and the Gators have accomplished this season will finally come in. To me, Donovan has been the perfect mentor always finding the positive thing to say even when the young team encountered the growing pains.

This team has an all around game. They play an up tempo game, but if they need to slow it down a notch like they have shown against the likes of Georgetown or even the Gamecocks they can do it with good results. If they need to come up with the end of the game key play, Brewer and Noah have shown they can be the go to guys. If you want to work in the outside game, just toss the rock outside to Green and Humphrey. We have the twin towers inside with Noah and his sidekick Al Horford who have both drawn praise from alot of NBA scouts showing up to see the Gators over the course of the season. If you want to talk about the 2005 NCAA Tourney, the Gators season ended when they faced Villanaova. Can this happen two years in a row, We'll just have to wait and see.

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