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Under Pressure?

The George Mason team better come up with a new line to take down this Gator team. We have heard all the catchy pregame phrases by the George Mason coach

"You know what color Kryptonite is....Green just like the color of your jerseys" before the North Carolina game to "CAA...Connecticut Assassin Association", Larranaga has been on fire. The Patriots can play loose once again as nobody is expecting to see them on Monday night. The pressure is all on the Florida Gators. They have crumbled in the past under it and I think..............they crumble once again.
If George Mason was under the radar prior to this weekend, the Final Four changes the equation. Get ready to the equivalent of the Superbowl of Basketball. I think pressure will be on all teams. Its a media frenzy. Gators were not supposed to be here either. I am still trying to figure out when this Gator team crumbled in the past. Was it in SEC where they beat Kentucky twice? Or, how about the SEC Tourney where they won out. Was it that they did not get to their first 30 win season any quicker? If anything it was the curse of Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks.