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Providence Six Degrees of Separation

You do not have to go far to play Six Degrees of Separation between the Florida Gators head coach Billy Donovan and Jim Larranaga who is the head coach of George Mason.

Billy the Kid Donovan played for Pitino at Providence in mid 80s , and the George Mason coach played for Providence in early 70s.

While a Providence, Donovan is known for having achieved the maximum out of his god given abilities which resulted in Providence College landing in the Final Four.

Thats is why this team is so special to Donovan. It reminds him a little of his situation. Billy's wife recaps this feeling:

These guys are just special, hard working," she said. "And it just comes from the heart, you know? I think he feels like these guys have the passion he had as a player and they had the work ethic and the desire he had. So I think he can really relate to these guys.

I wish I had not said that Speaking of George Mason, I bet Billy Packer and Jay Bilas which they could have those words back. It was one thing when they mad it to the sweet 16, but landing in the Final Four, these guys will never live down what they said.

This I never have heard of. Just like Pink Floyd, we don't need any education. Seems the George Mason president is a basketball fan. He is letting all those celebrating students a free pass from class this past Monday. That is classic.