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Meyer 2.0

Tommorow begins the first day of the Florida Gator Spring Football drills. But, seems some Gators are a little distracted this year. But, just in case you live and breathe the Gator Football, here is a quick fix. Just yesterday, we had the surprise Gator sighting over at DawgSports.

Start studying the 2006 Spring Gator roster because their will be alot of new names to get excited about. Gator Country gives us a first look at the recieving corps.

Get ready for Meyer's stamp on the program with his guy Tim Tebow suiting up in a Gator uniform tommorow. As Bruce Feldman who is interviewed today at EDSBS puts it:

Tebow is expected to play some right away, and that should only make him better prepared for 2007 after Chris Leak moves on.

I couldn't agree more. Lets get the kid ready!