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Can't get anywhere simply being content

Billy Ball took a change in right direction when he took a good look at himself:

It is a tribute to a coach who was willing to take a hard look in the mirror, be honest with himself about what he saw, and make the changes necessary to improve a program that seemed to have become stagnant. To fix his team's defensive shortcomings, Donovan broke out of his immediate "coaching line," and hired former Wyoming and Clemson head coach Larry Shyatt -- a defensive specialist -- as an assistant.
It seems the same has taken place with Urban Meyer this offseason where he took a hard look at himself and was up front saying we did not do things all that good last season.

We made a lot of mistakes personnel-wise, we took a lot of things for granted. . . . You watch the film, it's not so much scheme. Fundamentals were very poor.

We can walk the walk, but at the end of the day we want results. With Billy, it could have been easy to get down on his team with the three game consecutive loss in SEC play this season. He drew out the positives on what they had done rather than yelling and screaming that has shown does not always work (i.e. Matt Doherty style).

There are other noted approaches to get the most out of a team like pulling a motivational "lets remove the RB" like statement out of his bag of tricks.

Some techniques work in getting the most out of the physical talent, some don't. Whatever Billy has been doing, seems like keep it up this weekend and for years to come.