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The Tale of Two SEC Teams

In last month's episode as you recall we heard the tune of first time Florida's Noah goes up for a layup in the rematch in March, someone needs to knock his block off. Now, Mr. Noah has come back and given his explanation for the chest thumpin. I doubt the folks at Kentucky will buy it. I am looking for a physical game. This game certainly has meaning as we are playing for bragging rights, but it decides if the Gators will be unexpectedly be playing on Thurdsay night in the SEC tilt.  

Shall I remind people that Forde lists Kentucky as Busts of the Year in the SEC East even with their season saving win against Tennesse:

It beats bad teams and loses to good ones (last night's win at Tennessee being a notable exception). Even if the Wildcats hadn't beaten the Vols -- and regardless whether they win at Florida this weekend -- they would have made the NCAAs on name alone.

Speaking of multimedia, there is the Kentucky one. Then this little ol commercial with Coach K from N&O