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More Florida Spring Appetizers

Its the beginning of March, and there is already talk of Leak playing himself out of a position. Its clear that the spread offense did not work last year with the Indpendence High product. I think that is how it will go. Leak has got to stink up the joint before he gets the hook.

Chris Leak is a prolific passer and a great talent, but as everyone knows by now, he isn't the prototypical Urban Meyer spread option quarterback. Super recruit Tim Tebow is.

In EDSBS + WATB part II, we hear about how Wynn somehow coming back for his Senior season and that the RB position is wide open:  

Running back. I was surprised that Deshawn Wynn came back for his senior season. Wynn couldn't stay out of Meyer's doghouse last year, and I thought he was sure to try his luck in the NFL. Wynn, Kestahn Moore and Markus Manson pretty much split carries for most of the season, and Meyer often bemoaned the fact that none of the three (plus departed Skyler Thornton) stepped up to claim the featured back role. Hopefully someone will emerge this spring.

Dawg Sports outlines the top moments in SEC history:

September 8, 1990---The Florida Gators defeat the Oklahoma State Cowboys by a 50-7 margin in Steve Spurrier's first game as the head coach at his alma mater, signaling the start of a 12-year reign of terror for "The Evil Genius."  Darth Visor needles opponents with smart-aleck one-liners, unsportsmanlike conduct, and a "Fun 'n' Gun" offense the likes of which the league has never before seen.  Steve Superior went on to win six S.E.C. championships and a national title, often making it look easy in the process.  His 1991 team---the first Gator squad to win an official conference championship in football---dispatched its league opponents by margins of 35-0 (Alabama), 35-18 (Tennessee), 31-10 (Auburn), and 45-13 (Georgia).  The Ol' Ball Coach transformed the league in a way no coach had since the Bear.  

I believe the morning headline the day after read welcome to Gator Ball! The Gators expections on that day forward changed forever. Never had the Gators won an SEC championship prior to Steve coming back (~1984 never existed) to Florida.  Meyer sure has some big shoes to fill.