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Tall just like his Dad

The Gators big man Noah Noah was named SEC player of the week. Joakim Noah registered his second consecutive double-double with 15 points and 11 rebounds.

Being tall runs in the Noah family that includes the famous pro tennis playing father Yannick:

Joakim Noah flashes the same gap-toothed smile that made the father one of the most recognizable players of his time. But at 6-foot-11, Joakim Noah is much more suited for the game of basketball than the game where his 6-foot-4 father made his mark.

Donovan has the right attitude that the regualar season of 24-6 and 10-6 in conference play should be just tucked away and the mindset is that its a whole new world. Everything is forgotten.

From the looks of it, having to face a Arkansas team in their first match is no easy task. Like the Gators, the Razorsbacks were 10-6 in conference play. We need to look past the overtime loss on road to Hogs. If you are scouting the Georgia - Razorbacks game, look no further than here for the Hogs perspective.