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Chad's 4.3

One former Florida Gator is seeing his stock rise up to the top of the charts.

Chad Jackson has shown through the years to be a player, but could he show up while under the microscope. Well, running a remarkable time sure can help:

I knew I was going to run a 4.3, but not that low," he said. "It was very big for me. That's what everybody wanted to see - my speed. That's what I gave them. That's what they really wanted to see. ... Everybody was bad-mouthing me at the beginning. But after I ran a good time at the combine, everybody's loving me now."
Chad had the fastest time out of any wide receiver at the combine. You are looking at a player who could be the first wide receiver taken in the draft. Two other Gators who helped themselves were Defensive end Jeremy Mincey and strong safety Jarvis Herring.