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Saturday or Monday

Tipoff is just hours away. Word from We Are The Boys is that if Gator win, Urban Meyer is jet bound to Indy for the championship game. As we recall, it was Billy Donovan who was influental in Urban taking the Florida job.

A friend of mine asked if I was doing anything big for the Gator game, I responded which game Saturday or Monday? He said I sound pretty confident. As I have been checkeing Ken Pom's site pretty regularly now, I noticed these team match up pretty similar. The determining factor in my eyes is how Horford and Noah are greeted by the Patriot's big men. That's the thing with this Gator team, the inside presence can take over games, but the outside game can burn you as well. If Green and Brewer are hot, it could be ball game. A lot rides on which Tauren Green shows up. We have seen his play when its going good, Gators are going good, but when he is cold, we have had to rely on the Big men. If any game would be a game I hope the Gators model in the big game tonight, it would have to be the Gators at Kentucky where they had a lot riding on the game, and the big guys took the game over.

Word is we have Gator Blog that has just launched. It called oddly enough GatorsHoops. Stop on by and give Josh a shout at his new home.

I had the chance of watching the Gators play in 1994 in Final Four and I went there without tickets and was able to land some. All, I can say if you are able to ever experience the Final Four first hand, its a great thing. But, if you get the chnace to watch your team, its incredible. Go Gators!!!