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Florida Gator Press Conference

Players answer questions.

For Joakim, it's not like you guys were seeded No. 1 or even the pre-season pick to win the SEC East.   When you go on the court tomorrow night, you're going to be seen as the huge favorite, playing the biggest underdog in the history of the tournament.   Do you feel like you're going to be the villain tomorrow night?   How are you going to cope with that feeling?

              JOAKIM NOAH:   I think we're definitely going to be the villain.   Right now, it doesn't matter 'cause it's do or die.   Things haven't changed.   We've been through a lot of experiences this year.   People have been against us, we've been in very hostile environments.   We've been through a lot.   Right now it's all about getting a win.   It doesn't matter what stories are being said about who.   George Mason has a great team.   At the end of the day, like my teammate Adrian Moss says, there's 10 players out there, two buckets, and one ball.   That's what it's all about, just playing basketball.