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SEC Hoops Gets its Due

Why is it that SEC is only thought of a football conference? I mean this is the same conference in basketball that produced a Shaq. We had two teams in the same position we have today for an all SEC Final Four in 1994 with Arkansas and Florida.  Had in not been for a turnaround second half by Duke that evening in Charlotte, we would of had an all SEC final. Well, finally we are getting our due. Caulton Tudor gives a complimentary article on SEC basketball.  I think it is a case of sustained success that will catch the media's eyes. If we are going to the Sweet sixteen on a consistent yearly basis, that is when people will start to notice. Noah was sorta on track saying in press conference that media has only seen three or four of their games. With the start the Gators got off to this season, this team should of been on more people's radar. I do remember the ESPN Hoops brain trust had nobody picking the Gators. Like the Syracuse coach recently said, whoever you think is going to win it this weekend, its the opposite.