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Orange Beats Blue

The Gators Spring Orange and Blue Game is in the books.

GatorSports:"After a 30-minute rain delay at halftime, it was the Orange team, lead by true freshman quarterback Tim Tebow that won the scrimmage 24-6."

Spring Breakout Players: "Cornelius Ingram,Billy Latsko,Chris Leak,Ronnie Wilson, Avery Atkins, Derrick Harvey, Tony Joiner, Jarvis Moss, Brandon Siler"

Tebow already a Popular teammate: "But the demand for Tebow, whose first snaps at Florida Field come in today's Orange and Blue Game, trumps them all. Although he struggles with throwing mechanics and knowledge of the offense, he finishes the spring just as he started it: the prince of Florida football. "

Orange and Blue Game Preview

Post Game Notes 24-6

Box Score