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Tebow Delivers, Leak Starter

The Gator Faithfull want to see Tebow as the QB, but Leak remains entrenched in the poistion

Try telling that to the announced crowd of 45,200 and thousands of other Gator fans already frothing over Tebow.

"That's a great water-cooler story," Meyer said. "That's a great discussion with coffee in the morning.''

Just don't expect Leak to join in a little java and quarterback talk. He didn't meet with reporters until 90 minutes after the game, then brushed off questions about Tebow's performance.

"Since the first day, Urban Meyer has said I'm the quarterback," Leak said.

"I'm the captain of this team. I'm just real excited to get going."

I'd like to see both QBs get time at the position. We can't wait until we play Vols in a much needed win to see Tebow thrown into the mix.