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The EDSBS Sports Bloggers Nation Interview

Be sure to check out the EDSBS interview on the Gators. The college football blogger extraordinaire Orson of EDSBS sums up the career of Chris Leak and answers all thing Gators in this well done Q&A.

BON: Chris Leak had a good-but-not-great last year. Is he ready to be great?

EDSBS: No, because at this point you can only say he's merely very good, and hasn't shown any real signs of greatness, not only in this system but in any other of the 17 different offenses he's been forced to play in during his tenure at Florida. Leak's most notable trait is his caution, and when you talk about a great quarterback one rarely leans back with a snifter of brandy while watching ESPN Classic and says, "Ahh, he was so...prudent." Ultimately, he may become an honorary Clausen: ballyhooed, distinguished in the recruiting wars, and damned to the fate of being simply good.

Good, however, will get you a long, long way. He'll leave with a number close to Danny Wuerffel's number of total victories. He's been as loyal a teammate as one could possibly be, especially given the tumult in the program during his term at UF. Leak's been tough, but especially tough for the blue-chip messianic recruit he came in as; where others transferred (Josh Portis, for example,) Leak stayed and showed not one whit of prima donna in taking a beatdown last year prior to the UGA game and playing through what could have destroyed lesser quarterback psyches. He deserves good things, and if there's any justice in this cold world, he'll get some of it on the field this fall.

Match his risk-averse savvy, an improved run game, and a defense threatening to evolve into somethign truly epic, and Leak will likely slide into the Brodie Croyle resurrection storyline slot for 2006.