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Gators Gathering stresses Team Building

It was GatorCountry with the update from the Meyer road show. Its quite clear that there are no I's in team. Especially the 2006 Gator Football team:

he coach made it perfectly clear that the Gators have talent and they have opportunity staring at them in 2006, but he also made it a point to tell the crowd that success is going to be determined by how far they have grown as a team. The Gators have the talent to be good. Talent is important but it's only one element of greatness. "When you talk about a great team, it's 100 percent," Meyer said in post-Gathering remarks to a few members of the media. "Just going back to our basketball team ... that was 100 percent. Last year [for football] was not 100 percent and I wouldn't put us at 100 percent right now ... and what I mean by 100 percent everybody associated with the program, their feet are planted in the right direction. I wouldn't put us there yet but I don't think there are many teams in the country like that, especially in football. There are so many kids you're dealing with. I've been lucky to be around a couple of teams like that. You want to be a part of that."