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Gators Staying for More

The National Champion Florida Gators basketball team will come back for another run next season. That's great news not only for the Gators baskteball program, but for college baskteball as a whole. Unlike a year ago, where the championship UNC team all left for the NBA, this group is staying in school.  This will bring Gators alot of attention coming into next season as the Gators will be a high profile program. There is nothing better for a program to achieve continued success. That's what gets you noticed on the national scale.  

Just read how our recruiting is already getting a boost. Here is one example:

Lance Thomas, a 6-foot-8 basketball prospect from Newark, N.J., and one of the top unsigned players in the country, was thought to be deciding between Duke and Rutgers.

But recruiting analyst Bob Gibbons believes that Thomas is also giving the University of Florida consideration.

"The Florida program offers a lot," said Gibbons, whose All-Star Sports is one of the country's oldest recruiting services.

"The Gators are the defending national champions and there will be opportunities for someone to step right in and play."

This just in from the blogosphere on the return of the National Champion Gators to defend their title. And more...