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Udonis Haslem remembers his Gator roots

Haslem has developed into quite a NBA player with the Miami Heat. This is the same player that went undrafted and he has become an elite player in the NBA. He does not forget where he came from:

"I taped every game," Haslem said. "I still watch the title game once a week. Once a Gator, always a Gator. I was real proud of them and I think they definitely have a shot to do it again."

That wouldn't be good news for their Heat teammates.

"We did some trash talking in the locker room, of course," Williams said. "You have to. You can't go to the Final Four, win it all and not talk about it. I mean we got guys in here that went to Kentucky, UCLA, Georgetown, some famous, traditional programs. The Gators belong with that group now."

And doesn't everyone know it.

"Yeah, we're tired of hearing about it," said center Michael Doleac, who went to the 1998 Final Four with Utah. "But they deserve it. They have a tremendous program there now, they're going to be good for a long time. But I don't want to see those two guys win any more of our bracket pools again."