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Charlie Strong On the Talk Circuit

Coach Strong the Gators co-defensive coordinator had a sit down with David Jones of the Florida Today. Strong coached the defense for South Carolina before coming back to Gainesville and joining Zook's staff. He was one of the few holdovers from Zook's staff. Both Greg Mattison and Charlie Strong coached at Notre Dame and share the defensive coordinator title.  

Has there ever been a time where you've started to call a defense that would be a really bad move and he corrected you?

Strong: More than not, we kind of know what we want to talk about because a lot of our defenses match personnel. So whatever an offense has on the field, we know we have a set of defenses that we can call to match that personnel. There have been times where I've been thinking one way and he may have been thinking another way and then we say, 'Hey I like this.' And someone will say, 'Hey, this one may be a little better.' But it's never been a situation where you say, 'Hey, I want to call that defense. That's what I really want to run.' It's always been, let's talk about it.