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Wednesday Gator Bytes

SEC QB picture:

"Tebow will play in almost every game and by the end of the year could have most of the fan support. I'm just not sure the Meyer system suits Leak's talents. He did have 20 touchdowns and six interceptions last year and completed more than 62 percent of his passes."

With the Steel City great mistake, a Former Gator QB could resurface again:
Shane Matthews, 6-foot-3 and 199 pounds, is a 13-year veteran who didn't throw
an NFL pass in 2005.

Steve Q&A

Do you ever sit back and reflect on what you accomplished at Florida as a player (Heisman
Trophy-winning quarterback) and as a coach (five SEC titles)?

Not too much right now. All those players I coached are very special to
me and our family. But gosh, South Carolina is my team right now. I'm trying to
coach South Carolina and win a few ballgames. It's a full-time job. All my thoughts go to that.

Gators WR #1 in SEC rankings:

In keeping with our wide receivers week here are our SEC rankings, It is not a great year for SEC wide outs. It seems to me that one theme with these groups of receivers is highly regarded prospects coming out of high school that have not lived up to the hype.

Coaches nix adding 9th SEC game:

The party line from the coaches never changes: Eight SEC games -- nine if you make it to the conference championship -- makes it almost impossible to go undefeated and play for the national title. And you want to make it tougher?

It can't get any tougher for Florida and coach Urban Meyer. In a five-week stretch this fall, his Gators play Tennessee, Alabama, LSU and Auburn. Then, after a week off, comes the Georgia game in Jacksonville.