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Monday Gator Bytes

Mike Bianchi seems to always be calling out Urban Meyer and the Atkins incident is no different. WATB has the details. The thing about Urban is that he is doing what is in the athetes best interest by not letting him run away from the situation. He has been suspended, what else  should he do?Well, it seems Bianchi is not the only one applying the heat over this incident. These are serious allegations Atkins is accused of. These are the type of charges that can ruin a young kids life. Lets find out what happened before we all bust into Urban.

The Florida Georgia Cool Aid game is slated for a 3:30 kickoff. If you tuned into ESPN radio today, they mentioned who was did the best coaching job this year. Donovan's name was thrown into the mix. He was matched against Pat Riley, Ozzie Guillen, and the coach of the small school final four team. My take is as far as being a mentor and strictly developing the players over the course of the season you have to go with Donovan. All those other schools and teams had key players in place, and the Gators were starting from scratch after losing two of their key players from previous year. Another interesting thing about Donovan is the amount of respect he has gained as far as in the media. Before getting the monkey off his back, he was viewed as slick talker who never got the maximum out of his talent. Its amazing how things can change with a Miracle March.