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Gators lose star catcher Jeroloman

The Florida Gators lost their backstop as he signs a contract with the American league's Blue Jays.
Brian Jeroloman not only has the good catching skills but has a good bat to go along with that. I'd say whoever drafted him was looking at a future MLB starting catcher. I would of loved seeing him staying in Florida for his senior season, but who can blame him.

It was the hardest thing in the world," Jeroloman said. "When you have great coaches like I did, it's tough. I had the best years of my life as a Gator. I will always be a Gator baseball player at heart."
Jeroloman becomes the third Gator junior to sign with a Major League team this summer, joining shortstop Adam Davis (Cleveland Indians) and outfielder Gavin Dickey (Seattle Mariners).

As far as the spread option goes, we know Leak at times looked very uncomftorable in it. Leak seems to excel as a drop back passer. Now if Tebow is to handle the Spread when he takes over, seems like Matt Hayes is saying you need a real special QB to run it.

Myth No. 4: The spread option is a plug-and-play scheme. Any player can be successful.

"There's a big difference between Justin Zwick running the (spread) and Troy Smith," says a Big Ten defensive coordinator of the Ohio State quarterbacks. "You have to be knowledgeable of the system; you have to trust it and play within it. How comfortable did (Florida's) Chris Leak look last year? If Urban Meyer had taken the Notre Dame job, you guys would be lumping Brady Quinn in with Ron Powlus on the overhyped pile."

Now here is the link of the day: "We are a collection of funny and amazing video clips from Google Video and YouTube."