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Online Presence By Athletes

A few years ago Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling was found to be a poster on some of the comments on the Son of Sam Horn Message Board, a message board for the die hard Sox fans. Similarly, a few years ago some Gators football players were seen posting all over the popular Swamp Gas Gator Football Message Board. Well folks, there is a new medium out there for college students and athletes called FaceBook and My Space that athletes are now being warned against putting too much information out there:

It's a whole different world out there now with the emergence of and, two social networking Web sites that have become hugely popular among high school and college students - and many college athletes. ... "Those sites are dangerous," Bertman said. "When you go to the teams and talk to them and say, 'Look, corporate people will look at this stuff. You've posted everything about yourself. You could get nailed. Maybe not today but after you're successful. You can have your identity stolen because all that stuff is on there. Boy, were you stupid.'