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Turkey Day Rivalry Games

The Vote is in and there will be no Bye week on Turkey weekend in the SEC, the week before the SEC Championship Game.

Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville said the SEC stakes involving Alabama-Auburn make it a more pivotal game than Florida-Florida State, Georgia-Georgia Tech and South Carolina-Clemson games on Thanksgiving weekend.
All those rivalry games are emotional, but the Auburn/Alabama game could have more at stake if the stars are aligned correctly. I don't see however with Florida playing Seminoles or Georgia playing Tech how all these teams have an easier time get ready for a SEC chmpionship game.

Just take another rivalry like the Kentucky vs Florida basketball who are usually successfull year in and year out. Its tradition they play the last game of the SEC season. To play a #8 seed in SEC tourney after a grueling emotional game against your heated rival is probaly alot harder than getting ready to play a game with lots on the line. So, I don't buy the Auburn coaches take.

If Florida played Georgia the weekend before the SEC chmpionship it would be tough, but big teams get ready for big games.