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SEC has for a long time been known a the football powerhouse.

"The SEC is still on top, but the ACC is now a formidable opponent," Georgia Athletic Director Damon Evans said. "The expansion has helped them tremendously. Their presence -- TV-wise and things of that nature, and the top programs they have -- is much stronger.''
Being entrenched today in the ACC market I have seen firsthand the talent in the ACC get better. The thing that really changed the ACC was the arrival of FSU in the conference. When Seminoles first arrived in ACC, they were nearly unbeatable except for a few shockers by Virginia, but now with almost every team in ACC trying to emulate what FSU was doing, the Seminoles have alot fewer cupcakes on their schedule. With ACC adding Miami and VTech, it certainly raises the bar. However, in my opinion the ACC is top heavy, there is a big difference between a middle of the pack SEC team and ACC team. Its a little premature for ACC to stake this claim. They need a track record as they are one year into their expanded presence.