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Mark Your Calendars

Tony Barnhart from the Atlanta paper is one SEC columnist I enjoy even though he writes and covers the Bulldogs for the most part. You want to know how big the Gator community is in Atlanta, they host two locations for Gator Club games. That's a feat I have never seen before in any city. Well, here is the key dates:

1. LSU at Auburn, Sept. 16: Winner should seize command of SEC West

2. Florida at Tennessee, Sept. 16: If Vols lose opener to Cal, this one's huge for Fulmer

3. South Carolina at Florida, Nov. 11: Steve Spurrier goes back to the Swamp

4. Florida at Auburn, Oct. 14: Sneak preview of SEC championship game

5. Georgia at South Carolina, Sept. 10: After last year's close loss, Spurrier wants this one badly