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LaPorta's day is here

Matt LaPorta the University Florida slugging first baseman is expected to hear his name called today in the baseball Draft. If a team is looking for a slugging first baseman who could pay dividends quickly, you can't go wrong by picking LaPorta. He pretty much rewrote the record books for the Gtaors. He originally was a catcher, but because of his live bat he was converted to 1B. Earlier in the year there were comparisons to Albert Pujols. The Gators season started to go bad when LaPorta's bat was missing from the lineup because of an injury. You just can't replace a bat like his in any lineup.

Davis is also expected to go today. He has quite a bat for a middle infielder. He switched to SS this season after making his mark in previous years as a second baseman.

In other News, the Gators are about to recieve a commitment in the Hoops arena in Adam Allen:

"It felt like home," said Allen, who averaged 20.9 points, 10.1 rebounds and 2.6 blocks this past season while earning Pensacola News Journal player of the year honors. "I couldn't go wrong