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Those Other Florida schools

The Gators second opponent this year is Central Florida. For those unfamiliar with the program, they have a coach in George O'Leary who is trying his best to make UCF football matter.

In O'Leary's case, it must be tough to realize you had the keys to one of the most esteemed and pressure packed jobs in America, seing it evaporate in a matter of days over a resume goof. It took a detour to NFL for George to get another chance at a head coaching job in college, but for a guy at the end of his career like a Spurrier, some fun in the sun with a long term contract is not a bad way to end a coaching career.

When O'Leary was at Georgia Tech, the program achieved some of its better success. If you asked most Tech fans, I think they might say O'Leary was a fan favorite.

The advantage of coaching at a small school like UCF, you are right in the middle of a football hot spots in the Florida recruiting circles. One coach's trash, is another coach's treasure. I do see O'Leary achieving success in the same way we saw USF Bulls grow up last season.

When UCF faces Florida this year, Gators hope to make use of this game to get alot of the sqaud some usefull playing time to get ready for the challenging SEC football season. Tim Tebow is one who may see some playing time and benefit from the early experience.

It would be in Gators best interest that this game is competitive as the team would like a chance to get better week in and week out. As witnessed at a school like NCSU last year, playing a schedule where your not really challenged does not help you on the season. I am hoping for a good game with UCF because this is our best chance of a warm up game for the Vols.