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UF strong on academics, Says GoodBye To Mack

Doneal Mack, a headliner in the Gator Hoops incoming class of 2006-2007 was released from his scholarship after not meeting academic requirements that the University of Florida requires.  Mack was part of a huge recruiting class the Gators secured after the big NCAA National title.  Mack was a big award winner in the state of NC and spent time at the same High school as Chris Leak. The word on the street is that Coach Cali will sign him to play at Memphis. So lets scratch him off the list and move on.

According to Andre Caldwell, the future is so bright, but its not this year for Tebow as he favors Leak to be the main man. EDSBS has been keeping close tabs on what Latsko did this summer. I guess it has happened.