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Meyer's mission: he must win and teach

Last week I mentioned that in a league that is full of teams integrating new QBs, some columnists are quick to say Leak's time is running out. Dooley jumps on the SEC's questionable QBs bandwagon. As a columnist covering the Gators, he has Leak's back. But, I am sure there will be plenty of people calling for the end of the Leak era over the course of the season.

How would you integerate Tebow into the equation. I personally would give him plenty of time in the early two games, but would only make use of him in the SEC games where he was not being thrown into a huge game. It will be interesting to see how Meyer nurtures Tebow. Meyer's track record says he will do a fine job getting Tebow ready. But, this is a differen't scenario than what Donovan had to work with grooming these young hoops players as the expectation were way, way lower. There is pressure on Meyer not only to win, but when the deck is stacked against Gators to pull the Tebow wildcard out of his hat.