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Preview season Kicks into Gear

Its that time of the year where football season is 60 days or so away. How do you fill the void til its finally here? Well, I am a realist was ready months ago.  SEC + ACC Blog is passing the time ranking the top football stadium atmospheres from both conferences.

There's nothing like being on the Florida Campus and experiencing a packed Swamp under the lights

Here is to Urban Meyer hoping someone on his roster steps up and gets on this list of Running backs that matter in the SEC. In case you missed it, Mr. Nasty takes you through the SEC season, which is followed by the extra game this year against big time program Western Carolina, and then the heated rivalry game in recruiting against FSU. For a look at the other SEC schedule predictions, they take you through Good Old Vandy, PHILsbury dough boy, Steve's Gamecocks, Who let the Dogs Out, Ol Miss, Bayou Bengals, Weekends at Rich Brooks House, Georgia Dawgs, Auburn Tigers, Goin Nutts, and the Shula Chronicles

According to the Swamp Ball Poll, Coach Phil has alot riding on the season and his job could be on the line. But, it will be no picnic for Urban :

"There's no more honeymoon. No more time to get everything in place. No more excuses for any sort of perceived mess left by the Ron Zook regime. Head coach Urban Meyer, who's famously known for doing wonders in his second seasons at Bowling Green and Utah, had better win a SEC title and he'd better do it yesterday."