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Quick Hits From Around the SEC

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With a strong commitment, comes some recognition. Spurrier selected RB Mike Davis to join him at SEC Media Days over Blake Mitchell or Sidney Rice. Speaking of the Spurriers, Steve and Jerri celebrated 40 years of marriage with renewing their wedding vows at Hilton Head.

Among those attending: Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops, Washington Redskins executive Pepper Rodgers, former Duke Coach Fred Goldsmith and former Florida Gators Shane Matthews, Chris Doering, Lee McGriff and Noah Brindise.
It looks as if Vanderbilt had a player fall into their lap with the same transfer rule the Gators are planning to make use of. QB Kovalcheck has transferred from Arizona and he will not have to sit out a year. I guess this new rule is having an impact n the SEC.

Will the darkhorse team in SEC be the Razorbacks? Well, they do have a projected top tier RB. Best of the SEC and ACC has the Swamp. Back when I went to school, it was just known as Florida Field. But, after Spurrier coined it the Swamp, the name stuck. The Swamp sure sounds better than the name Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field.