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I am writing this post to say hello to all in the Gator Nation.  My name is Mark and I will be helping Dave with the updates at Swamp Ball from here on out.  This site has huge potential to be a great place discuss University of Florida athletics for all Gators fans as we'll attempt to make it extremely user-friendly (which I must say Dave has done a great job thus far).

Just to let you know about myself:  I am a recent graduate from the University, and am currently working and living in Gainesville.  Because of my connection to the pulse of the city and the University, I would like this site to be a discussion forum of not only Gator athletics, but a place where we can discuss your college years (classes, professors, etc.) and the city of Gainesville overall.

To dig even further I'll admit that I love Stubbie's Shirt Pub, Steamers, The Swamp Restaurant on a nice afternoon and like to stumble into Durty Nelly's every now and then.  Most of all, of course, I love the University of Florida Gators and nothing beats walking down University prior to a football game, viewing the beginning of the Gators intro on the big screen, and chanting that it's great to be a Florida Gator exiting the Swamp following a win.

I hope to bring my passion for the University of Florida athletics to this site, and I hope that you as a reader (and someone who adds to discussion) will enjoy it.