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Jags Sign CB Dee Webb

The Jacksonville Jaguars inked a deal with a former Gator today, as they signed their seventh round pick Dee Webb to a four year deal:

Seventh-round pick Dee Webb has signed a four-year deal and Jaguars salary cap boss Paul Vance said he's "optimistic and feel like we're making good progress with the others." Vance said he's hopeful the team will have all of its draft picks signed by the start of practice on Saturday.

Webb is a cornerback from Florida who impressed the Jaguars during spring drills. It's thought he will compete in training camp for the "nickel" back job.

Here is a little more in-depth look at the contract terms brought to you by
Both deals include a signing bonus and the minimum salaries for four years, starting with $275,000 base salary this year, with an escalator in the fourth year to the minimum tender.

But players have to reach both play time goals and the team has to improve in a team statistical category for them to get the bump in the fourth year.

Deciding how to structure the escalator has slowed the negotiations this year. If they reach the escalator, they get over $800,000 in their fourth season. If they don't, their base is $530,000. The players are then eligible for free agency after their fourth season.

Dee Webb left the University of Florida football program to pursue a career in the NFL following last season, his junior campaign.  Webb earned All-SEC honors following last season after putting together some pretty impressive numbers and being one of the leaders of the Gators defense. In his final game in the Swamp he returned a blocked FG for a TD against the 'Noles, a play that stands out in my mind as one of the best to watch last year.

Dee looking pretty snazzy in his new practice uni (photo courtesy of

I would have loved to see Dee Webb stick around for the sake of this secondary, a unit that was hurt by the ultimate suspension of troubled CB Avery Atkins, but the NFL was calling him and he decided to take the jump.  Dee had a solid few years playing for the orange and blue and we wish him the best in his NFL playing career.