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Friday Night Link Fest

- Gators Picked First in East by By Media: "SEC Champion - Auburn 73, Florida 11, Georgia 7, LSU 6, Alabama 5, Tennessee 2."

- Alabama and Florida Battle to NOT be on TV on Opening Weekend: "Florida (who opens against Southern Miss) and Alabama are battling to NOT have their games televised. The SEC has a deal with Lincoln Financial Sports (formerly Jefferson-Pilot) to broadcast one early game per week.

Both teams have declined the offer to appear on the regional telecast which is forcing SEC commissioner Mike Slive into the odd position of having to force one of the teams to appear on TV."

- Gator b-ball-bling and bling-ting-part-deux

- Pre-season SEC coach Firing Predictions:"Kentucky, Miss State, Arkansas"

- Top QB situations 2006: "coach also said that we're going to see Tebow early and often in the fall, helping prepare his first-year guy for the future, or for the unfortunate event that Leak gets dinged up."