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Leak questions begin

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As Chris Leak represents the Florida Gators today at the SEC Media Days, it officially marks the start of he whispers that Leak did not totally grasp the Urban Meyer system last year. The Swamp Ball voters seem to indicate that Leak will be entrenched at the QB position, though he will not get the hands down fan support that we have seen for some reason. The fact that Meyer chose to have Leak represent the Gators at this event is clear indication that this is Leak's team this year. With Tebow on the prowl, you will hear the Gator fans calling for the savior to take the reins. Especially, with the Gators brutal schedule, there will be points where there will be a calling for the freshman. But, lets integrate Tebow into the system without having him getting on the job training under tough circumstances.

I have been hearing that Georgia teams of this decade so far is the Florida of the 90s. As the Ol Ball Coach was quite clear in his media day comments yetsterday, there are like atleast six or so teams that could run the table in the SEC conference. I also love the fact he is not shying away from the 12th game. But, in reality what the Media days event is all about is getting together with the media and specualting who will be the top of the division in the SEC.

Some people like Jim Donnnan have gone on the record and picked Georgia in the East. Now thats surprising take from the former Georgia coach ;-) I see the Gators experience at QB being a factor. In Georgia, despite the fact Richt has had a outstanding start to career in the SEC, integrating a new QB is no easy task. Meyer would tell you as he found out last year that the SEC schedule can be a humbling experience. I give Florida the slight edge over Bulldogs due to the experience at QB and the fact that Florida-Georgia has been a tall task for coach Richt. The Gators defense is pretty solid, but it depends alot on how well we fill the whole on the Avery Atkins departure.