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Gator's QB: I want 50 TDs

Chris Leak is setting up the expections pretty high. This Gators QB wants this to be a season like never seen before from the Gator's ranks. He wants to be better than what is known as BMW - "Bell, Matthews, Wuerffel." I give props out to him for going on the record and saying he has goals insight. However, like Meyer has said, its all about the Wins. If you listened to Meyer's talk yesterday, he called out individually the following players as impact freshman.

Jacques Rickerson is on campus.   He comes from a very explosive high school team.  

Markihe Anderson from South Florida, and

Wondy Pierre-Louis, who might be the most talented of them all, is on campus

Brandon James

Percy Harvin

Jarred Fayson

Something might be happening but we'll worry about that when it happens