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The Urban Meyer Mystique

The Urban Meyer Mystique is starting clearly to develop as incoming recruits and their parents are quite taken by the sincere approach:

Joe Haden Sr. said he and his son were swayed by their visit to Gainesville. Although the pitch was not much different than on any other trip -- with an assistant coach in contact almost nonstop -- the elder Haden said it was the way Florida came across that made an impact.

"Every school does that, it's just how sincere it is," Haden said. "These college coaches, it's their job to get the recruits. As a father, I look at how sincere it is."

Florida's coaches told Haden they envision him as a receiver who is capable of taking snaps at quarterback and running back and also returning kicks and punts. "They're going to try to get the ball in his hands," Berry said.

And while he gets the ball on the field, Haden plans to use summer school and his early enrollment to graduate from college in three years.

Its another case of a great recruiting machine when players like Joe Haden who have about nine schools chasing him shows up on the Florida campus and verbally commits on the spot. If this recruiting style continues, its going to be another top class come Feburary.