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Kerasotis on Urban's Second Year Stops

Kerasotis is at it again. In this column, Peter questions Urban's claim about how success achieved in his stops at Bowling Green and Utah had more do with personnel, and instead says its the Urban fator that allows him to command a 2 million a year contract.

Well, I guess you could say Urban is positioning himself to say hey we have this brutal schedule and I have a track record that suppports us being successful, this year. However, its more about the Chris Leak's and the Reggie Nelson's than it is about the other situations.

In the same way Urban came out with the fact that he would remove the running back position from his playbook if nobody at that position steps up, he is using his motivation techniques to say this team will achieve goals as a team through hard work and talent and not by the fact that he has had success in the past.