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Gator Fill the Void at Cornerback

Its been an eventfull week in the coming and goings with the Florida Gator cornerback position. After first resisting, Coach Meyer granted Avery Atkins his release from the football program. With the exit of Atkins who also was missing from the Orange and Blue game for unspecified reasons, it was finally known for sure that the Gators conerback position would be without a returning starter.

But the fears have been eased a tiny bit with news that the Utes Ryan Smith plans to transfer to Florida and could be eligible NOW due to a new NCAA rule that allows graduate students to transfer and play immediately:

Smith's father, Lance, e-mailed a statement late Monday night confirming his son's desire to transfer to Florida if he receives passing grades in three summer school classes. Smith, who redshirted in 2003, will have graduated in three years and would have two years to play for the Gators, who are thin at cornerback after last week's dismissal of projected starter Avery Atkins.

Talk about lucking out due to the sudden loss of a projected starter and key player. This rule not only helps out the Gators this year, but programs around the country can be aided by this new rule where you get a player out of nowhere. Sure, helps  you build upon the imcoming freshman mix. In baseball comparisons, this is like signing a player out of Japan that comes in to fill a hole. Like signing a free agent. Gator fans everywhere are celebrating this move and sure hoping Ryan Smith studies hard and passes those classes.