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Ex-Gator Backstop Heats Up

A few years ago while with the Dodgers David Ross showed some nice power with a small sample size. Usually for catchers, any offensive game is usually gravy. We expect them to call a good game for the pitcher first.  His bat cooled, and with all the Catcher talent the Dodgers had in place including Navvaro and the up and coming Russ Martin, David Ross was no longer needed. But in 2006, Ross has found his game again going from the outhouse to the luxury suite:

the former Gator started the season as Arroyo's personal catcher, but has blossomed into the best catcher on the roster, and one of the best hitting backstops in the National League.
Again its a small sample size, but his production in limited at bats beats just about any catcher with the qualified number of at bats. I am find him doing this again is no fluke. Doing it once is Kevin Maas like, but repeating this feat shows that there is some talent here.