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This best college towns list started off pretty good, but if you come out with a list give some criteria. We know why we like #5, but as far as college towns I wonder how it made the list. Florida WR Andre Caldwell who unfortunately suffered a tough injury last season shows up on the Where are they now Best College recruits of 2003 list. Andre is the younger brother of former Gator standout Reche Caldwell who now is in the NFL The Gators are expecting big things from the speedster Caldwell who hopes to hook up with Leak often this season. Who knew that Gator Country had a Wiki. Tune in there for loads of information on recruiting. In the early days Gator coverage on the internet, Gator Country was my first destination. But, after going to their pay service model, I'd rather visit Ask Swampie at the Sunshine Network. Sunday Morning QB has a nice tribute to Randy Walker who was lost suddenly last week. If you are looking for a detailed look on the upcoming season, pay a visit to Trojan's football. Although, I don't really agree with Georgia that high in what appears to be a year that they will be integrating alot of young talent. Its a slow time for news, when the Florida College Sports Blog is covering the SEC all academic team. What do I think about the talk about Notre Dame winning a title this year with Brady Quinn at QB? My stance on this is that Notre Dame media machine will be in full force with a successful year last year, and I don't like it.