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A Must Read Over at SI has been covering many of the practice days for various college football teams very well over the past week or so, in what they call the "Postcard from Camp" segment.  Anyways, today's segment covered the UF football practice, and it turned out to be a very good, informative article from SI's Luke Winn.

Basically I suggest reading this article.  It has everything you would need to know from camp.  Here are some quick hits:

The Running Backs situation:

Moore, a sophomore, is the tentative No. 1, but has been splitting time with fellow sophomore Markus Manson and freshmen Mon Williams and Brandon James. "Any given day, someone can become the starter," said Moore. "It's all based on our practice performances."

Definitely coach speak, and I wouldn't expect anything different from a coach during pre-season practices.  Based on what I saw last season, which obviously doesn't include any freshmen, Markus Manson is the right guy for this offense.  That being said, I wouldn't mind seeing anybody get the ball as long as they can grind it out and keep the chains moving.

On Ryan Smith's first practices:

Smith lined up in a drill opposite Florida's top wideout, 6-3 -- and padded -- Dallas Baker, and shadowed him over the middle. When Leak's pass spiraled in Baker's direction, it wasn't caught -- because Smith's helmet was in the way. Then the kid, who was a freshman All-America on Meyer's undefeated '04 Utes team, did something bolder: He engaged in a smack-talking session with Baker. It was one heck of a way to make a first impression. "He's a fighter, and that's why we like coaching him," Meyer said of Smith. "He and Dallas were woofing at each other already."

Great story, obviously.  I'm thankful Ryan Smith is here with the Atkins situation and am hoping greatly he contributes at CB for the depleted secondary.

For those who aren't in the Gainesville area or those who haven't been able to make it out to the practice field, check this piece out and you will be a lot more educated on the Gators practices.  Can't wait for football season!  Bring on Southern Miss!

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