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It's Media Day at UF

Media day took place today at UF, with the football team preparing for a very tough road to success during pre-season practices. Obviously this was a day of coach and player quotables, with questions of conference and national title hopes, who's going to start where and how the newcomers will perform coming from all directions.

Gatorzone has this covered with a quick recap from some of the expected major contributors for the upcoming season.

Chris Leak on winning a title:

"All these guys want a title. We all want a ring on our fingers right now. Especially for the seniors out here we are all very hungry; we want this to be our best year. In order for us to be successful with the tough schedule we are playing everybody has to have their best year."

Marcus Thomas on the O-Line:
"I think we will be great. We finally have all the pieces of the puzzle back. We have Ray (McDonald), Jarvis (Moss), me and Joe Cohen is coming around really good. We can be really good with everyone coming back. We have a lot of experience, and we should turn some heads this year."

Of course, check out the Gatorzone news story for the whole recap.  Media Day is always a day of hearing what you expect to hear, as it's usually nothing groundbreaking.  However, it's nice to see a team that is full of optimism and ready to take on the season guns blazing.

(Picture courtesy of Gator Country)