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Friday Night Quick Hits

Brandon James in early reviews is turning out to be the Gators version of Dave Meggett with his big play abilty. Coach Meyer seems to have a ton of offensive talent from the freshman class in the skill positions like RB and WR. This class does has the feel of some of Spurrier's classes with talent like Jacquez Green's part being played by Fayson and Riedel Anthony part being played by Percy Harvin.
Steven Harris looks like he is back for good. This is great for a guy who was a big part of the defensive line last season and seems to be in line start again this year. If there are any questions about the defense, the secondary gets alot of questions. With Ryan Smith now included in the mix, I think this group is under rated since we can get aboost from the freshman class in Wondy Louis Pierre and Brandon James relative Jacques Rickerson.

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