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Looks Like Bubba's Fully Recovered

During last year's narrow victory over Tennessee in the Swamp, the Gators season could have very well changed drastically.  Andre Caldwell, more than likely the Gators most athletic option at WR on last year's squad, went down with a broken leg following a twisting tackle on a kick return.  At the time we as fans were very worried about Caldwell, and following the announcement that Andre would be out for the season with this injury it was very evident that the talent on offense was going to be missing a huge chunk.

Now, I'm not saying that with Andre Caldwell the Gators are playing for the National Championship last year.  No way.  There was no stopping the Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa last year, and the other losses could just be chalked up to teams having bad performances.  There are just too many variables in college football, but I do believe that UF is a much better team with a guy like Caldwell on it last season.

Well it looks like Bubba Caldwell is back in full force, as this summer he ran a 4.29 40 yard dash, the fastest in University of Florida football history:

I think I'm a lot faster, after I got hurt," he said. "I went out there and ran my 40 (in preseason) . . . and my time was faster, so I think I'm faster.

Caldwell also took advantage of his time on the sidelines by working more on his upper body, making him much stronger now. The same can be said of his mental approach.

"I know mentally, in my head, that things can change real quick," Caldwell said of a possible second injury. "But that's not a problem for me."

This, of course, makes Chris Leak happy:
"He's right back where he was," Leak said. "He's trying for the NFL. He's a very confident guy, and I'm just glad to have him back. I'm ready to give him the ball as much as possible, because he's one of those guys who can go the distance when you get the ball in his hands."

Looking at the depth and talent of the WR core this season, it could turn out being one of the better groups the Gators have ever seen.  And that's saying a lot.  It all depends on how some of the newcomers and up and comers perform in Meyer's offense, but if the full potential is reached we could be seeing something very special...which is pretty crazy to say considering that this group lost their best playmaker from last season, Chad Jackson.

Here hopes that Meyer tweaks the offense a little more with the speed he has to attack the opposing defense.  Guys like Caldwell, Baker, Tookes and Harvin could be making some great plays come football Saturdays if this turns out true.

Go Gators!