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Saturday Morning Gator Chomps

Chomps?  Does that sound alright?  Would "bites" be better, or has it been overused?  Obviously a Gator does bite, but doesn't chomp sound so much more suitable?

Anyways, check this stuff out:

  • T. Kyle King explains UGA's rivalry situation, which of course mentions our beloved Gators. I really don't like UGA and I know UGA hates UF, but I like Mr. King.  The internet is a beautiful utopian society.
  • There are a couple new SB Nation college blogs.  Check out Rakes of Mallow for info on the Irish, and Ramblin' Racket for discussion of that other school from the Peach State. Finally, Black Shoe Diaries will cover the Nittany Lions of the Pennsylvania State University.
  • Deep South Sports declares that behind every good coach is a good woman.  Mrs. Meyer makes the list, of course.
I can't wait for Sept. 2nd.  Go Gators.