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Urban is Better for Gators than...

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Steve likes the Golf course life, where Urban was up to the challenge of being the CEO of Florida Football. Thats why Greg Stoda says UF is better of with Urban Meyer Spurrier raised the bar, now Meyer needs to maintain the pressure that comes with those expectations. I personally like growth people like Meyer seems to be. Being the "Football Ambassador" is more than the Xs and Os. Its recruiting, its embracing the players from past, its mentoring of players, its being a spokesman for the organization. I think the only area SOS might be better than Urban for a school is the Xs and Os. I think when Steve left he was tired of the other stuff. Overall, I'd take a younger hungrier person rather than somone who is established. Meyer embraces wearing all those hats. He is the better Football CEO for Florida.

One good test for how good our defense might be is how we contain UCF led by the former Georgia Tech head coach George O'Leary. In their back field is Kevin Smith who quietly is one of the best running backs in the state of Florida. The Golden Knights with Kevin Smith runs and catches pretty well and is one to start getting ready for to as we match up with the Gators in early September.

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With the depth of receivers in fall workouts for the Gators, Hornsby read the writing on the wall and has moved to defense. He is a true freshman and was listed as an athlete from the 2006 recruiting class.